“Dont Forget to Smell the Roses”

The “sum total” of what we are and who we are cannot be fully grasped until we ourselves have added it up and are able to give people the answer, not in words but in how we live, and what we leave behind. 

Age has a way of coming to the answer easier than youth, because in youth we tend to busy with running after some things and away from others, we tend to be caught up within ourselves trying to figure out who and what we are and want and why?  As I stated in another of my blogs you have to become a “simplifier” rather than a “complicator” (I really like that quote), not that one has to become simple-minded but that after all the running (done in one’s youth) you stop and realize where you are and what the race was all about.

So to the young I say keep running, you need to wear off that pent-up energy and need to learn who you are and what you want, to those in-between, slow down a little take time to tie your shoe before you go on to the next leg of the race, and to those like me who are coasting take time to savor the last mile, breathe deeply the air, feel the coolness of the wind blowing across your body that by now is perspiring and by all means “Don’t Forget to Smell the Roses”.

(dedicated to my Dad)

2 thoughts on ““Dont Forget to Smell the Roses”

  1. It feels great to hear someone older say that’s it’s okay for the younger generation to be scatter brained. Sometime society tries to force the younger generations to try and figure things out to soon. It’s sometimes easy for the older generations to try and force the younger generations when they have had more time to figure things out, and made their own mistakes.

  2. clif kern

    MOM and; I thougth your blog was great. we had no idea what a blog was. till we read yours. if a person would read yours slowly it would make them stop and think,and thats what this world needs. I think theres 2 main things anyone in this life needs to a good life. #1, a master plan. what do I want to be or do with my life. there is noting in this world is possible without a plan. #2 there is nothing new in this world. the good & bad things has happen to someone or somewhere before.sample wars,floods etc.
    hope hear if I did good. love MOM & DAD

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