What “THE PEOPLE” want from their POLITICIANS!

First the people want to be secure in the knowledge that their politicians really are working for THE PEOPLE and not themselves.

Second, THE PEOPLE want to know that the government is as responsible as they are in paying the bills, providing for the common good, instead of lining their pockets and running up debt.

Third, THE PEOPLE want to know that its citizens young and old can be provided for without having either the government or themselves go so far in debt that the decision to extend life becomes one of Dollars and not Sense.

Lastly THE PEOPLE want their politicians to Listen and to actually work on those items which THE PEOPLE feel that are important and not decide FOR them but work to SUPPORT them.

Politicians THE PEOPLE are aware that you ask for money with one hand and take more out of our pockets with the other, don’t be fooled and know that it stops NOW!

Remember, it is what benefits the many that out weighs the need of the few. Not the other way around.


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