Letter from the WHEN Generation

Upon thinking on the current events in our country and the world today it struck me that the one voice that we do not hear from will be those most affected by all of the current happenings, and that is our children s, children the generation of WHEN!

What we do today will affect them for years to come and I thought if they understood what was happening “what would they say” about what we have done and are doing?

Here is a letter from them to all of the adults today.

Dear Mom & Dad, Grand Pa and Grand Ma, and all Adults in charge,

When.  When will you stop over spending for all those things you can’t afford (even though I say I need them), to the point that you cannot pay the bills?

When will you start voting for those in government that will pay what’s owed so that in the future the world I live in will not be plagued by more and more debt and joblessness?

When will you start to be more of a role model instead of trying to look and act like the 29 year old that your are not?

When will you start to be parents, and teach me, and not shuffle me off to every activity under the sun just to get “me time”?

When will you play with me and let me be a kid?  I know you work hard, but are you working smart?

When will you teach me how to Pray?  With so much wrong in the world, wars, starvation and violence it would not hurt to bend a knee once in a while?

When will you teach me what it means to responsible, I guess some of you would have to learn that first?

When will you teach me what “honesty” is about?

I know that you are busy but when you have the time, please let me know for I am really want to know.


The WHEN Children

Thanks for listening!

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