“The Common Sense of a Goat”

I find it very sad that WE THE PEOPLE have our so called leaders to sink to such a level, at a time when we should all be calling on whatever faith, logic and understanding we have as people. I believe the world will not need the atomic bomb to destroy itself as it will do that from within all by itself.

I do not mean to sound fatalistic but I know of no other time in history when man turned so much against each other as to cause the total downfall of humanity.

The problem as I see it is that each person is so wrapped up in self preservation, self adulation, and what they call “MY RIGHTS” that they fail to see their role, and their responsibility to the society in which they live.

“If a person is to be a member of a society they must adhere to being a good citizen of the society, obeying not only the laws of the society but moreover the spirit of the laws which the society upholds. One must work towards the greater good of all, and not just the good of themselves, such is the role of citizen”

So now I ask everyone to please reflect and then act, we must let our leader know how we feel and if they do not hear us then elect new ones, ones that are “citizens” and not those who would represent themselves alone and claim it for our common good.

Second, treat each other as citizens, help one another, treat each other with respect, and above all show respect towards each others faith no matter what it may be, treat each other with dignity.

“For you people are my people and your God my God”

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